About Us

Computer Upgrade Corporation (CUC) was founded in 1986 and is one of the most experienced data storage specialists in the nation. CUC is a full-service data storage systems integrator and solution provider offering installation, training, after sales support and annual maintenance. Our focus is to manage and protect the data/media crucial to our client's business success. Whether you are just looking for an easy fix for your next storage hurdle or a complete solution for your next decade of growth, CUC has the knowledge and experience you need to cost-effectively move forward with confidence.

CUC's Broadcast Storage division has been working with best-of-breed vendors to offer the Broadcast and Editing /Post Production industries digital storage solutions for video playback and archive. CUC has positioned itself with a wide variety of automated storage library and storage management software vendors to enable seamless integration with nearly all automation, on-air media server and NLE manufacturers.

What Sets Us Apart: Over twenty (25)+ years of system integration expertise is what sets us apart from our competitors. Over the years, CUC has thrived by taking the extra effort to earn our customers' trust. We have found that if we take the time to get to know a business and prove our value, they will most often think of us when the time comes to make their next investment in storage technology.

Our Mission Statement: It is the mission of CUC to provide reliable, turn-key solutions to manage and protect the data and database infrastructures crucial to your business operation and success. We accomplish this by offering a proven mix of hardware, software, system design and technical support to enable backup/restore across multiple heterogeneous platforms with ease and accuracy.

Our Current Product Line: CUC offers a complete line of archival, backup and disaster recovery subsystem solutions for a wide variety of host computer environments utilizing cost-effective stand-alone or library Blu-ray, NAS, RAID, SAN and Tape products for the OEM, Value-Added Reseller and End-User communities.

On-Site training and system maintenance: CUC offers nationwide on-site training, support and service for all the products we provide. Archival storage solutions offering peek performance from the first day they are installed is a primary objective here at CUC.

Solutions you can depend on: You can depend on CUC to provide complete, concise archival and backup system design solutions with reliable, customer-friendly service and support.

For additional comments and/or questions, please contact us anytime, thank you!