Archive Management

Although it is fairly easy to move file-based media and other digital assets to an optical disc archive, what about the vast asset libraries currently stored on legacy tape formats? Literally millions of tapes from early Umatic formats to Betacam, Digital Betacam, IMX, HDCAM and many 3rd party formats currently sit in temperature controlled archival vaults, or may even be sitting unprotected on a shelf.

With a finite shelf life, many tapes have either begun or have already expired past their optimum storage life. With the rapid evolution of internet accessibility, monetization of old analog assets has become a major focus for many organizations. Now is the time to start moving these valuable historical assets to a more stable, environmentally tolerant format.

CUC's DigiServer-100TD Tape Digitization Server, is designed specifically for archiving tapes quickly and efficiently. The system can control multiple VTRs via RS-422 interfaces and offers features such as channel condition check, auto and manual QC, multi codec support as well as metadata and proxy export to a Media Asset Management (MAM) system.

The DigiServer-100TD can also be integrated into a larger facility with an existing MAM and HSM. A pre-existing database can also be imported into the DS100 in CSV (comma separated value) or TSV (tab separated value) formats. Alternately, custom metadata can be created on the system during or after digitizing and exported.

  • Enables video tape encoding, automated/tunable quality control for preservation of digitized content
  • Easy-to-use WEB/browser-based interface
  • Multiple VTR control and direct recording to BDstor optical disc archive media, library or network-share