Disaster Recovery

With the mountains of electronic data being generated in today's online world, the ability to recover lost data is not just a simple luxury, but a fundamental part of doing business. While the definition and monetary value for the timely recovery of a failed server or client can vary from organization to organization, one unarguable fact is that downtime costs money, and system downtime losses are an expense not clearly perceived in most organizations. Although most Broadcast stations have some level of data backup, few if any have the ability to recover an entire server, operating system or database without potential catastrophic downtime. OmniDR is a revolutionary new disaster recovery solution that will revolutionize your Broadcast business continuity requirements.

OmniDR Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Appliance

The revolutionary new OmniDR disaster recovery appliances are a perfect addition to any Broadcast or IT organization looking to ensure fast, consistent system recovery time objectives for a wide variety of servers, clients and workstations. A single OmniDR appliance provides advanced data protection that allows restoration of failed systems without the need to reformat hard drives, re-load an operating system, device drivers, or any of the applications and databases. An OmniDR appliance can even restore to a new hardware platform that may not match the original system configuration (Certain configuration restrictions may apply).

OmniDR Features

  • Integrated, turnkey network-attached appliance solution for data and system protection
  • Provides disk-to-disk, high-speed data backup and bare-metal recovery
  • Off-site electronic vaulting/archiving and automated bare-metal system recovery
  • Cost-effective ROI and performance for small to mid-size businesses
  • Over 24 operating systems supported from a single user interface

Advanced Bare-Metal Recovery

  • Supports HOT on-line and COLD off-line bare-metal recovery.
  • Quick restore of failed system without hard drive reformat, operating system, device driver, applications or databases re-install.

Hard Disk-based Archiving (Vaulting)

  • All OmniDR appliances offer full support for true hard disk-based archiving.
  • Disk archiving provides a level of offsite protection, reliability and recovery performance not possible with tape
  • All OmniDR appliances come with full support for single drive archiving
  • Multi-drive Archiving options offer up to 4 drives for a total of 3TB, typically accommodating between 6TB-10TB (integral compression) of user data, depending on data type

Centralized Management Console

  • Provides centralized site-level data protection and monitoring for any supported servers, desktop and laptop systems.
  • Intuitive Web-based monitoring tool provides individual backup and vaulting/archiving activity status for any OmniDR on the network.
  • Secure remote access
  • Hardware status alerting (SNMP)
  • Email notification

Product Specs