Master Control Archives

Within the world of Master Control, there are several ways to approach the direction and movement of media assets through broadcast operations. CUC can provide a scalable interface that allows direct connectivity to Spinning Disk environments or Middleware Solutions for customer facilities that require diverse storage systems. Our systems help streamline workflows between Programming, Traffic and Engineering by leveraging content usage rules when managing content across archive and play-out systems.

Content: Where You Need It, When You Need It
MAM uses actual schedules to initiate content transfers from archive to the play-out server. In turn, the very same schedules transfer content off the play-out server when it is no longer required.

Usage Rules: Manage When, Where & How Long To Preserve Media Assets
Keep media locations and content up-to-date by means of leveraging airdates and broadcast rights to designate how long to keep an asset on hand.

Asset Locations: To Those Who Schedule Content
MAM provides real-time monitoring of media assets in storage locations, assuring scheduling staff has instant access to content status.

Integrating State-of-the-Art technology!
CUC offers libraries with capacities from 135TB to 23 PB using LTO 6 technology.

RAID/SAN and NAS systems utilize the latest RAID technology and 4TB capacity SATA/SAS hard disk drives.

All servers include a 64x operating system, with a custom configured Linux O/S kernel.
All CUC supplied Library Management Software is included with the server based on the size and amount of drives for each library.