Media Asset Management

Who Needs Phoenix VCM?

  • Producers
  • Content Owners
  • Digital Media Asset Managers
  • Digital Intermediate Technicians
  • Archivists
  • IT Staff Struggling With Runaway Storage

Why Phoenix VMC?

  • Phoenix VCM is the only single source application that provides Media Asset Management (MAM), Archive Management, and Multi-Tiered Storage Management.
  • User friendly interfaces allow you to search, preview, re- purpose, and share content with other systems.
  • No user licensing.
  • No hidden costs
  • No expensive add-ons.
  • Log video and create unlimited user defined metadata fields for quick and relevant searching of all managed video assets.
  • Share metadata to and from other systems including Avid, FCP, Premiere, and others.
  • Integrates easily with third party products including transcoders, LTO libraries, and Play-to-Air servers.
  • Extended video data storage support including SAN, NAS, LTO, and RDX.


  • Free up space on expensive storage.
  • Archive projects, bins, and sequences.
  • Create automated policies to backup or move content from Unity, ISIS, XSAN, and other expensive tiers of storage.
  • Manage both online and offline archived content.
  • Rapid search and playback of all archived assets.
  • Easily re-purpose any archived asset.

Media Asset Mgt. (MAM)

  • Create and preview proxies of all video content.
  • Logging and extensive user defined metadata.
  • Search metadata, storyboards, and proxies.
  • Export full or partial clips to your desktop, other storage locations, or other devices (edit systems, transcoders, delivery systems, etc).
  • Create EDLs.
  • User friendly interface.
  • earch closed captioning, scripts, rundowns.
  • Supports all forms of digital media (video, audio, stills, etc) and documents (Script Files, Word, PDF, Excel, etc).
  • Supports Avid MXF workflows.
  • Share content and metadata.
  • Security: Right person sees right files.
  • Rest assured, your assets are properly managed and protected.