Sports Asset Management

CineSports/DV Product Description:

CUC's combines sports-specific asset management with on-line digital storage and large scale, multi-tier archives. CineSports/DV consolidates disparate video storage pools so critical broadcast files can be processed faster. With CineSports/DV, content is directly and easily accessible to all hosts without having the overhead of manually transferring high resolution broadcast content. CineSports/DV enables sports broadcasters to connect archive storage to production storage and deliver digital workflow. The CineSports/DV solution provides transparent access to a hierarchical storage management of tiered disk and robotic optical or tape libraries providing a cost-effective and almost unlimited storage capacity. Better still, the user's workflow, or even the existing infrastructure does not have to be changed. The result is quicker restores and faster time-to air for broadcast material, improved efficiency and reduced cost. CineSports/DV accelerates processing, helps Sports broadcasters finish projects faster, and make it easier to re-use assets.

Product Specs: